BMX Shows for Schools in Rhode Island

As we get closer and closer to the warm Spring weather, the Dialed Action Sports Team has found ourselves inside school gymnasiums to perform our BMX shows for schools. Last week we performed at 2 schools in the great state of Rhode Island. We were honored to be welcomed at 2 elementary schools in Warren, RI and Bristol, RI on February 1, 2018. This was our third time performing at the Bristol, Rhode Island school. At these BMX school assemblies we had performers Jay Dalton, Colton Civitello and Brian Cunningham. We look forward to going back there to deliver our anti-bullying messages, along with our bike safety message. As busy as we are in the Spring, Summer and Fall, we are honored to have repeat customers book us in the winter months. If your elementary or middle school is looking for a new and fun way to deliver a positive message about bullying and bike safety, then please contact us for more information. It’s not everyday your students get to see a real life professional BMX rider at their school. A lot of kids these days can relate to our show since many kids themselves ride BMX bikes or skateboard. So, with that being said, they will see us as the “cool guys” and our goal then is that our message will sink in more and make a bigger impact on your students.BMX School Shows in Rhode Island




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