Navy Base San Diego hosts Dialed Action Sports

Dialed Action Sports Completes Navy Retailer Activation Series in Collaboration with Pacific Cycle Inc, Schwinn Bikes, and Mongoose Bikes

Location: Navy Base San Diego

Dialed Action Sports is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a series of retailer activation programs carried out in partnership with Pacific Cycle Inc, along with their reputable brands Schwinn Bikes and Mongoose Bikes. This collaborative effort aimed to combine cycling expertise with engaging demonstrations.

At the core of this partnership was a sequence of live mountain bike trials performances. Chris Clark, an experienced professional cyclist, skillfully showcased technical cycling abilities as he maneuvered through a custom obstacle course, highlighting the capabilities of Pacific products.

Dialed Action Sports took charge of event logistics, planning, and supervision of the construction and branding of the performance equipment. This comprehensive approach ensured a smooth execution from start to finish.

This partnership reflects the seamless integration of Dialed Action Sports’ expertise and the brands’ offerings, providing an engaging platform to showcase products. As we review the successful completion of this project, our focus on delivering quality and innovation remains unwavering. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to redefine our retailer activation programs.




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