How to perform a back flip on a BMX bike

This is the kind of trick that you probably want to try into a foam pit first. Foam pits have pushed the sport of BMX with newer and crazier tricks each year. Foam pits are now becoming available at local skateparks or you can go to Woodward Sports Camp in PA. OK, so before you go for the back flip, you want to make sure that you’re calm and collective. When you proceed toward the ramp to do the flip, you wanna go the same speed as you would for any other trick you would do. Once you hit the transition of the ramp, you want to start leaning over the back of your bike with your butt. You also want to look up as you’re leaning to get yourself around. You don’t want to turn your head, as that will make you start turning. (Your body follows you head) Once you’re upside down, keep looking up until you see your landing. The most important thing, that you don’t want to do in the middle of your back flip is let go of your bike. As you are underneath the bike, I assure you that the bike will hurt if it lands on you. Once you see your landing during the flip, you can start to open yourself up by not being in a squatting position. Brace yourself for the landing and ride away. Then teach all your friends how to do back flips. Keep riding guys.*Always wear your helmet and pads and riding a bike*Take your time with this trick, as it will take you a few tries to get it right*Make sure to have a friend or parent close by to spot you and tell you what you’re doing


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