What is one of the most important BMX bike parts?

As many professional freestyle bike riders, mountain bikers and road cyclist can agree that there are certain things on a bike that are very important. In this day and age kids think it’s more important to save weight, which could potentially jeopardize the strength of a bike part. After years of broken bike parts, we feel that one of the most important bike parts to not skimp on is the stem. The stem is the thing that holds your handle bars and if that breaks, it could cause serious injuries. As we mentioned, saving weight is an issue yes, but your life is worth more. So, when you looking into a product, whether it’s a stem, cranks, forks, etc, think about how it’s made and if it will hold up to your riding style. Back in the 70’s-90’s bike parts we ironically very heavy but also not built to hold up. As time has gone on, companies have found ways to save weight and ensure strength. However, with that some companies have gone too far and jeopardized the product. As everyone should know, a bike at Wal-Mart or any department store is not built with great quality, regardless of the name. Please ask for advice from a local bike shop or knowledgable friend if you are unsure about a bike part. Thank you and have fun out there!


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