October 4, 2012

BMX Elementary School Assemblies in NJ.

After a great bmx school assembly show in Waynesburg, PA. our bmx stunt team is now headed to Cherry Hill, NJ. Tomorrow (October 5, 2012) the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing our educational bmx school assemblies at the Sharp Elementary School in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our performance will start at 9:30am. After that
October 4, 2012

Educational School Assembly Programs in PA.

The Dialed Action Sports Team is getting really close to finishing up our new 1/4 pipe ramp trailer. Check out the photo below to see our progress. However, today (October 4, 2012) our bmx stunt team will be performing our educational school assembly programs in Waynesburg, PA. We’ll be providing the elementary school inspiring messages
September 28, 2012

Bicycle Stunt Shows in PA.

Today (September 28, 2012) the Dialed Action Sports Team took some time off from building our new BMX ramp to perform 2 gravity-defying bicycle stunt shows in Southampton, PA. This elementary school assembly was an amazing school, full of screaming kids, which made us riders (Lonnie Parton, John Saxton and Brian Cunningham) go even higher
September 20, 2012

Anti Bullying BMX Assembly Programs in NJ.

Today (September 20, 2012) the Dialed Action Sports Team performed 2 amazing anti bullying BMX school programs in NJ. For this educational BMX assembly we were in Freehold, NJ. at an elementary school for about 400 screaming kids. Our bmx stunt team delivered a powerful message about anti bullying and the effects of it. We
September 15, 2012

BMX Bike Shows in Hughesville, PA.

After an amazing BMX school assembly program in Wexford, PA. the Dialed Action Sports Team is now (September 15, 2012) back at it again. Today we are performing 3 BMX bike shows in Hughesville, PA. for the Lycoming County Rotary Balloon Festival. This is a great event and it’s our 3rd year in a row
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