August 12, 2022


August 11, 2022 Dialed Action Sports has successfully completed simultaneous premier performances on the East and West coasts. The BMX and FMX performances were conducted in conjunction with California’s Los Angeles State Fair in Arcadia CA and the New Jersey State Fair held in Augusta NJ. The simultaneous performances kicked off at 4:00pm pacific and
June 22, 2021


Each Spring, tens of thousands of Walmart Shareholders and Store Associates descend on Northwest Arkansas for the annual Shareholders Meeting. Walmart, who’s global headquarters is located in nearby Bentonville, selected the Walmart AMP (Arkansas Music Pavilion) in Rogers as the site of this year’s meeting.While the event centers around the company’s strategic planning and operational goals,
December 18, 2020

Silver Spring, MD BMX Bike Shows

On December 15, 2020 Dialed Action Sports Team had the pleasure of performing their BMX bike shows at a Jewish school in Silver Spring, MD. Dialed Action was hired to perform 2 shows, 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls. Surprisingly, for December it was warm outside, which made for a great day
December 13, 2020
Nate McCallister BMX Stunt Shows

Montclair, NJ. BMX Bike Show

As the pandemic in the USA continues, Dialed Action Sports is fortunate enough to book a BMX bike show in Montclair, NJ for today (December 13, 2020). This event is in celebration of Hanukkah for a Jewish event. Today we have professional BMX riders Cory Berglar, Brady Baker and Brian Cunningham to perform this bike
October 5, 2020
Nate McCallister BMX Stunt Shows

Bucknell University BMX Stunt Show

We are pleased to announce that on Friday October 9, 2020 Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing 3 BMX stunt shows at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. Our bike shows are planned to start at 7:15pm, 8:15pm and 9:15pm. At this event we will have 2 professional BMX riders and 1 announcer. We’ll also be
August 10, 2016

3 R’s to our Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Bullying is unfortunate and it’s something that happens to millions of kids worldwide. Here at the Dialed Action Sports Team, we have come up with a simple system for kids to understand bullying and how to avoid it. We have a system during our BMX assemblies called the 3 R’s which are Recognize bullying, Refuse
April 5, 2015

Bullying Needs to be Stopped!

So, in this video below the innocent lady apparently was bullying someone on the train. At that point another lady steps in and shows her exactly what bullying is. Now, here at the Dialed Action Sports Team we are all for people stepping and to stop bullying, BUT that doesn’t give you the right to
March 24, 2013
Anti-Bullying Assemblies in PA, NJ, NY

8 Steps to avoid bullies

1. Do not draw attention to yourself (e.g. try to act “cool”, or do outrageous things), this makes it more satisfying for the bully to bring you down. 2. Do not fight back! This is inevitably the worse thing you can do when dealing with bullies. This will create more repercussions, which is the last
September 5, 2012

Anti-Bullying BMX School Assemblies

Today (September 6, 2012) the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing an Anti-Bullying BMX school assembly. We will be putting on an educational BMX stunt show at the Granville, NY. elementary school. Our show will start at 9:45am and will consist of Lonnie Parton, Brian Cunningham and John Saxton. We are looking forward to